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Jan 11, 2014. He points down to a pair of plasticky Nike slip-ons that he's wearing with an expensive-looking charcoal-grey suit. Being cast in The Wolf of Wall Street, Scorsese's biopic about Jordan Belfort, the New York stockbroker multimillionaire played by Leonardo DiCaprio, has evidently been nothing short of a.

Leonardo DiCaprio received his fourth Oscar nomination this morning, this time for his role as Jordan Belfort in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” “’The Wolf of Wall Street’ has been a passion project of mine, and I found the role to be one of.

An anti-corruption watchdog has urged actor Leonardo DiCaprio to return his earnings from the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street if the money is found to be linked to the billions of dollars misappropriated from a Malaysian sovereign.

The Film Strip caught up with Leonardo DiCaprio for a second time this year. to mind the grilling involved in the promotion of his movies. In “The Wolf of Wall Street,” DiCaprio is the real life scurrilous character Jordan Belfort who.

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Continuing their fruitful collaborative streak, Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese are teaming up again for the timely drama “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The film is a true story based on the life of stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who.

Leonardo DiCaprio hosted a star-studded charity gala on the French Riviera just hours after the feds filed suit for all future profits from his 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street” — but the infamous Malaysian party boy who figures prominently.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. Photograph: Allstar/Paramount Pictures/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

Mar 28, 2017. forrest-gump-nike-cortez. And do you remember when Leonardo DiCaprio smashed up that Lamborghini in The Wolf Of Wall Street? Yep, he did it in white Cortezs! 1693993d-0168-6b22-2646-1151115d6411_800_0. Perhaps then we might consider, even as an early foundation style of the Nike empire,

For "The Wolf of Wall Street," DiCaprio said director Martin Scorsese pulled no punches in depicting the outrageous and shameless lives.

The Wolf of Wall Street’ trailer, much like any other first look at a Leonardo DiCaprio-Martin Scorsese collaboration, is a cause for celebration. But even more-so than, say, something like ‘Shutter Island,’ we’re straight-up frothing at the.

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Jan 7, 2014. Scrambling to get “The Wolf of Wall Street” ready for awards season, Martin Scorsese leaned on the nimble touch of longtime editor Thelma. “Wolf” marks Schoonmaker's 19th collaboration with Scorsese (and the filmmaker's fifth with Leonardo DiCaprio) and presented a different set of challenges.

As critics and moviegoers emerge from The Wolf of Wall Street — a film that Leonardo DiCaprio developed, produced, appears in for all of its 179 minutes and regards as one of his "babies" — many are debating whether he deserves to take home his first Oscar or be stoned for his performance as stock trader Jordan Belfort.

BMW i3 “Spaghetti Car” by Artist Maurizio Cattelan Sold. On the occasion of Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's (LDF) Fourth Annual Saint-Tropez Gala, BMW France had the pleasure to donate a BMW i3, designed by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari of TOILETPAPER, for the yearly fundraising auction. After some.

Mar 02, 2014  · Wolf of Wall Street – Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort. Motivational Speech. Click Here to watch More http://tiny.cc/w0b3bx Click.

Opinions about Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio. David Denby has been a staff writer and film critic at The New Yorker.

Just do it, as NIKE would say. And I agree, it might be the best quote ever. If you don't think but just do what you want, live might be better. So why not try it? (Sorry for the language, I love this quote! Find this Pin and more on Wallstreet by anguel85. Inspirational quote from the Wolf of Wall Street. The only thing standing.

"The year I turned 26, I made $49 million, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week." Leonardo. ve guessed right, The Wolf of Wall Street. Scorsese directs. Matthew McConaughey co-stars as.

The Cortez shoe has since been showcased by movie stars such as Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio in the movies Forrest Gump and The Wolf of Wall Street. Nikes association with top athletes includes Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho,

Jan 07, 2014  · Ellen is a big fan of his performance in "The Wolf of Wall Street," and the handsome Leonard DiCaprio was here to tell her about the film and his good.

Leonardo DiCaprio has leapt to the defence of Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, insisting it is a cautionary tale that indicts the behaviour it portrays rather than condoning it. The auteur’s latest film has attracted much criticism.

Given Leonardo DiCaprio’s award-nominated take as the coke-snorting, Quaalude-popping Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s hard to believe that the.

Sep 15, 2017  · Cars & Bikes ; Style. ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Producer Settles U.S. Leonardo DiCaprio filming on location for ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Dec 18, 2013. There was plenty to howl about on streets of Midtown Tuesday night as Leonardo DiCaprio posed with Australian stunner Margot Robbie at the Ziegfeld Theatre for.

With Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, The Wolf Of Wall Street details the rise and fall in real life of one Jordan Belfort who for a while was living high.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey attend The Wolf of Wall Street premiere in NYC Movie representative plays down Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio heckling Leonardo DiCaprio needed chiropractor after Wolf Of.