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Jul 19, 2017. Investment College Plans. Then there are investment plans, which The Wall Street Journal recommends, especially for those with younger kids. “With investment plans, you choose how you want to invest your funds and then you can use that money (and the earnings it generated) for a variety of educational.

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Jul 22, 2013. One of the best ways to save for mind-boggling college costs is to open a 529 savings plan, which is a state-sponsored, tax-advantaged account. But before you rush to invest in one of these plans, there are some pitfalls that should be on your radar.

Advertisement First a little background: 529 college savings plans are tax-deferred accounts. As the Wall Street Journal notes, this is how 529 plans worked in the 1990s, until the Bush tax cuts made them even more generous.

Jan 22, 2015  · I have written in or been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, 529 Contribution While Pushing Repeal For. account balance in these 12 million 529.

529 college savings plan originated from. 529 college savings plans and prepaid tuition. Paying tuition directly from a 529 account may reduce a student’s.

In a desperate attempt at relevance, President Barack Obama thought he could pay for two promised years of free community college tuition by eliminating the tax exemption on middle-class 529 college-savings accounts. by the.

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How are 529 funds treated when. The Wall Street Journal: What you should know about 529 accounts and. when a parent or a dependent student is the account.

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. Now the Focus Turns to Enhancements | The Wall Street Journal. for tax-free withdrawals from a 529 account. 529-plan changes that had been proposed.

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This section of the site provides advice about choosing a section 529 plan and identifies the best state section 529 college savings plans. Choosing a Plan. The most important factors affecting return on investment are the amount of time invested, the family's tax bracket, the amount of any fees and sales charges, the amount.

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U.S. President Barack Obama dropped a proposal Tuesday that would cut tax breaks for college-savings accounts. of financial institutions that support 529 plans. A White House official told the Wall Street Journal that Obama’s 529.

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I opened a 529 account for my granddaughter. What Grandparents Should Know About Opening 529 Accounts. 1100 13th Street, NW, Suite 750 Washington,

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While estate planning attorneys advise clients to review their estate plans every five to ten years often people do not. Here are 10 reasons or. Most state qualified tuition programs permit a trust to be an account owner of a 529 savings plan. How to Pass. Leaving Your Roth IRA to the Kiddies (Wall Street Journal – 5/1/10).

Oct 10, 2016. That therefore arguably makes a 529 account more valuable in the hands of a grandparent, rather than a parent. A further nuance to the Fafsa system soon arises. The Wall Street Journal noted recently that, beginning in the 2017/2018 academic year, a student who receives benefits from a 529 account.

. for a story? We've been quoted in leading publications including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Investor's Business Daily, and many more!. in many capacities since 2001. At 529 Expert, LLC he is responsible for providing his expertise in 529 plan construction, distribution, and sales to college savings stakeholders.

In the wake of Wells Fargo’s fake account scandal, for example. wrote in a February op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. The Consumer Bankers Association,

Jan 27, 2015. And then in 2007, he and his wife contributed $240,000 to 529 accounts for their two daughters, as the Wall Street Journal originally reported here. So take it from their playbook: if you have kids, stuff your 529 accounts. With the annual exclusion amount indexed to $14,000 in 2015, under a special rule that.

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Education Savings Accounts Vs. 529 College Savings Plans. account savings or investments. the Wall Street Journal reported that if you buy an account in the.